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Kids Music DVDs

If you're looking for something even more interactive than our range of children's music CDs why not take a look at our DVD section which is packed to the brim with well known characters and songs that your child can watch and sing along with.

Our kids music DVDs are a fantastic way of keeping your children entertained while keeping their little minds active and with such a varied range in stock you are sure to find something perfect for your little one. 

Children's Music CDs for the Whole Family

Kids music is not just about TV theme tunes though. Children love to dance and sing along to the type of music that you might listen to as well, although we all know it's hard to know if the next song coming on the radio is going to be age appropriate for your little one sitting in the back of the car. That's why we recommend compilation albums like Kids Disco which offer sing-a-long chart songs that we all know like "Macarena", mixed with educational kids music like "Heads, shoulders, knees & toes" and are perfect for the whole family to have a sing-a-long to. 

Personalised Children's Music CDs

One of the most popular sections of our online shop is our fantastic range of personalised kids music CDs. Personalised music is a wonderful gift for music lovers of any age but presenting a child with their very own personalised music CD creates a magic all of its own.

I'm sure we all remember the unbridled joy of finding something that had our name on it when we were kids, be it a head band, a bracelet or a mug - combine this feeling with hours of fun sing-along music and you have a proven recipe for success! 

Our Online Kids Music Store

Our online children's music shop is bursting at the seams with fantastic Kids CDs, DVDs, baby music CDs and even personalised children's CDs so why not have a look for yourself now to see what we have on offer.

We know that every child is different and will enjoy different types of children's music. Most adults have different tastes in music so we don't see any reason why children shouldn't have their own preferences. That's why we stock such a wide variety of Kid's CDs and DVDs, so you can find exactly what it is your child enjoys listening to.

Personalised Children's Books

At the Kids Music Shop not only do we stock a huge selection of children's music CDs but we also offer a wide variety of personalised books which are perfect for children of all ages.

By making your child the star of their very own children's story you will not only be delivering hours of enjoyment to them but also a fantastic way of learning in a fun and unique way.

Children's Music CD Downloads

At we also know that some children like to listen to the same song over and over if you would prefer to just buy just one piece of children's music that is your child's favourite...why not download it from our dedicated kids music MP3 download store or even through iTunes.

Happy Parents

I really love them. They help me during the meal times as my princess loves listening to them and dancing of moving her hands. A big collection that keeps children away from tv addiction. I'd rather her listening to the music and dancing and smiling when listening to the music. Nice decision to add some tales, when she grows up, they will help me a lot, I think. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.   (Children's Favourite Songs 6 CD set)

Rubi (

 Would highly recommend to anyone have difficulties and especially for children who cannot express themselves through words but through exercises. Thank you we’ve enjoyed every minute of using this CD so far.  (Meditation and Relaxation for Kids CD)

Sarah Carter (

 Wanted a DVD for our 2yr old grandson who loves dancing and marching and copying the other children. Bought this as it had great reviews -- and he loves it. Love the fact that the children are out and about at the zoo, beach, farm etc. Will now be buying the others in the collection.  (The Wheels on the Bus DVD)

Polly (