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The Canterville Ghost

The Canterville Ghost

Ref: CR8806

ISBN: 1 871412 00 5


The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde

Complete and Unabridged

When Mr. Hiram B.Otis, the American minister, bought Canterville Chase, he was warned by Lord Canterville that the house was haunted. But talk of ghosts didn't disturb the Otis family, indeed, if anyone was disturbed it was the ghost himself! Never in 300 years of successful haunting had he been treated so disrespectfully. Pillows were thrown at him, Tammany Rising Sun Lubricator was offered to him to oil his chains and Dr. Dobells Tincture to cure his best and most horrible laughs. It was quite unbearable, no ghost in history had been the subject of such abuse.....Oscar Wilde's witty and amusing story is told by Colin Skipp (Tony Archer from BBC Radio 4 The Archers)

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