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Sound Asleep for Babies (new edition)

Sound Asleep for Babies (new edition)

Ref: CRCD1001-10



ISBN 1-847111-09-2

Classical Music magazine RECORD OF THE YEAR "- it works a treat"

Each part of the CD is a complete remedy for the healthy howler who won't go to sleep. The opening catches baby's attention and the music, designed to mimic the brainwave rate of children falling asleep, encourages them to drift into the deep restorative stages of sleep. Make sure baby is fed, warm and lying comfortably on his back. Then put on the CD. The more it becomes part of baby's nightly routine the more effective it will be. The music, chosen with care, is not only a constant delight to mother and child but may give a growing baby the increased awareness that listening to classical music is now thought to do.

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