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Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound

Ref: CR9103X

Produced with assistance from Lancashire Constabulary. Safe & Sound gets the right message to Children in a fun way. Saying 'no' to strangers, the Green Cross Code, safe places to cross the road, being safe, being seen, safety at home and safety on bicycles are all topics covered by this comprehensive children's safety tape.

Age range from 4 years

Side One: 1. (song) Keep safe and sound 2. Crossing with your lollipop man or lady 3. (song) Linda the lollipop lady 4. (song) The big friendly policeman 5. The Green Cross Code 6. (song) The Green Cross Code 7. Safe places to cross the road 8. (song) 10 Safe places to cross Side Two: 1. Be safe, be seen 2. (song) Be safe, be seen 3. Stranger danger 4. (song) Say no, never go 5. (song) Off I go on my bike 6. Safety on bikes 7. (song) I'm Bill and I'm a traffic warden 8. Keep safe at home 9. (song) Keep safe and sound (reprise)

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