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Nellie the Elephant Cassette

Nellie the Elephant Cassette

Ref: CR9409

ISBN 1-871412-54-4


A great collection of songs, rhymes and stories.

Side 1: 1.The animals went in two by two 2.One elephant went out to play 3.An elephant goes like this and that 4.Nellie the Elephant 5.Tiger, tiger 6.The tiger's in the jungle 7.Kookaburra 8.Pretty Polly Parrot 9.Little Poll Parrot 10.Brown bear's snoring 11.The bear went over the mountain 12.There was a monkey 13.The Rattlesnake Band.

Side 2: 14.I went to the animal fair 15.Look at the terrible crocodile 16.If you should meet a crocodile 17.Never smile at a crocodile 18.The lion and the unicorn 19.The lion is King 20.The leopard's coat is spotty 21.Who's afraid of the big bad wolf 22.Slippery Sam 23.I'm a Hippopotamus 24.Mud, mud, glorious mud 25.He's a tall giraffe 26.The animals went in two by two (Reprise)

Age range 3 years and up

Playing time approximately 40 minutes

Price: 5.10  Including  VAT at 20%

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