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More Children's Choice

More Children's Choice

Ref: CRCD0703-20

ISBN: 978-1-84711-015-2

Playing time: Approx 60 minutes

Age from 1 year and up


Once again more nursery Schools throughout the UK were asked to list their children's favourite nursery songs and their selections have been put together to form this second album which is appropriately called 'More Children's Choice'

1. Wind the bobbin up 2. Five currant buns in a baker's shop 3. Bob the builder 4. Ten fat sausages 5. Horsey horsey don't you stop 6. Five little ducks went swimming one day 7. Little Mousie Brown 8. Down in the jungle where nobody goes 9. John Brown had ten little indians 10. Sing a song of sixpence 11. Peter plays with one hammer 12. Do-re-mi 13. Tommy Thumb 14. Humpty dumpty 15. One finger one thumb keep moving 16. Morningtown ride 17. Down by the station early in the morning 18. The ants go marching 19. Tiger, Tiger, orange and black 20. The Princess 21. On our way to mars 22. I'm a little teapot 23. Ten green bottles

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