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Kids' Spanish - First steps in Learning

Kids' Spanish  - First steps in Learning

Ref: CRCD0801-2

ISBN: 978 1 84711 050 3

KEY STAGE 2 & 3..............SUGGESTED AGE RANGE: 5-11

Let you child's first experience of a new language be both educational & fun. Through songs, repetition and printable lyrics/activity sheets learn the fundamentals of Spanish. There are songs that will teach you counting, the alphabet, colours, days, months, animals and how to tell other Spanish children a little bit about yourself.

Audio CD written and narrated by Clare Mousley with songs, 25 printable pages and much more.....

1. Hola y bienvenidos! 2. Cancion del alfabeto (song) 3. Hello and how are you? 4. Vamos a Tomar El Te (song) 5. My name is.... 6. Uno, dos, tres (song) 7. Numbers 8. How old are you? 9. Rufo, el Perro Bailarin (song) 10. Negro, blanco, rojo (song) 11. Colours 12. Si vamos todos juntos (song) 13. Lunes, martes, miercoles (song) 14. Days of the week 15. Enero, febrero, marzo (song) 16. Months of the year 17. La Granja del Tio Poncho (song) 18. Farm Animals 19. Todos a bordo! 20. Adios! + 25 Printable Pages + Songs only category

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