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I love to dance and play (Babies first activity songs)

I love to dance and play (Babies first activity songs)

Ref: CRCD0309-1

ISBN: 9 781903 929 940

A wonderful collection of 30 nursery songs for the active baby

1. Round and round the garden 2. This little pig went to market 3. Roly poly 4. Incy wincy spider 5. Music man 6. Hickory dickory dock 7. Skip to my lou 8. The wheels on the bus 9. Dingle dangle scarecrow 10. One man went to mow 11. Five little men in a flying saucer 12. Old macdonald 13. Animal fair 14. If you're happy and you know it 15. Ten fat sausages 16. Here we go round the mulberry bush 17. Ride a cock horse 18. Ring a ring of roses 19. When goldilocks went to the house of the bears 20. John Brown's baby 21. Did you ever see a lassie 22. I'm a little teapot 23. Bobbing up and down like this 24. Little Mousie Brown 25. Tommy Thumb 26. Join in with the game 27. The bear went over the mountain 28. Dance thumbkin dance 29. Put your finger on your head 30. Clap hands together like this

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