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Holiday Disco - Mini Disco Songs

Holiday Disco -  Mini Disco Songs

Ref: CRCD1310-1

30 favourite mini disco songs - get your kids ready for the summer holidays kids club!

1.Shake it up 2.Cha Cha slide 3.La Bomba 4.Veo Veo 5.Hey Baby 6.I'm a gummy bear 7.The Court of King Caractacus 8.Peanut butter Jelly time 9.Superman 10.Reach for the stars 11.Big fish little fish cardboard box 12.Follow da leader 13.Hooray hooray it's a cheeky holiday 14.Don't stop movin' 15.Bob the Builder (Mambo no 5) 16.Let's twist again 17.Ketchup song 18.Move your feet 19.Fast Food Song 20.5678 Boot Scootin' Boogie 21.Witch Doctor 22.Saturday Night 23.Macaren 24.Barbie Girl 25.C vs I Hamster Dance 26.Music Man 27.If you're happy and you know it 28.Heads shoulders knees and toes 29.Wind the bobbin up 30.Hokey Cokey

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