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Happy Birthday Games & Party Pops

Happy Birthday Games & Party Pops

Ref: CRCD1512-2

Can't decide what type of party to have? Well here's the album that will let you do everything with two playlists on one CD! A full 72 minute playlist contains, most importantly the Happy Birthday song (the bit where the name goes is left blank for you to sing!) then all your favourite party games including Musical Bumps, Pass The Parcel and new ones such as the simple but silly Ball in the Bucket then finally 11 classic pop tracks that the whole family will love to bop to! This is the perfect CD for your children's party!

1. Happy Birthday 2. Jump, sit and sleep 3. Musical Bumps 4. Balance Game 5. Ball in the bucket 6. Musical statues 7. Everybody Limbo 8. Pass the parcel 9. Cha cha slide 10. Big fish little fish 11. Superman 12. Shake it up 13. Witch Doctor 14. Ghostbusters 15. Hey Baby 16. Who let the dogs out? 17. Follow da leader 18. Don't stop movin' 19. Jump 20. Reach for the stars

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