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Early Learning Songs

Early Learning Songs

Ref: CRCD0703-21

ISBN: 978-1-84711-016-9

Playing time: Approx 53 minutes

Age from 2 years and up


RHYME AND ALLITERATION (Children love playing with words that sound the same. These songs will develop their awareness of rhyme and alliteration with repeating words and sounds.)

1. Hickory dickory dock 2. Little Miss Muffett 3. Horsey horsey don't you stop 4. Hot cross buns 5. Hey diddle diddle 6. Pease pudding hot 7. Row row row your boat 8. Polly put the kettle on

LETTERS AND SOUNDS (Reinforcing a child's early awareness of letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make)

9. ABC Song 10. BINGO 11. Old Macdonald 12. Supercalifragilistic 13. Zippedy doo dah

ACTION SONGS (Encouraging children's enjoyment of songs by using or inventing simple actions)

14. Wind the bobbin up 15. I'm a little teapot 16. The Grand Old Duke of York 17. Pat a cake baker's man 18. Incy wincy spider 19. Miss Polly had a dolly 20. Do your ears hang low? 21. Hop little bunnies

NUMBERS AND COUNTING (As children join in with the song they are reinforcing their counting skills, awareness of order and use of mathematical language)

22. Baa baa black sheep 23. Five little ducks went swimming one day 24. Five little speckled frogs 25. 1,2,345 26. Ten fat sausages 27. This old man

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