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Children's 5 CD Collection

Children's 5 CD Collection

Ref: CRCD0602-9

ISBN: 1 904903 90 8

124 songs and stories and over 5 hours playing time


The CDs and tracks included in this box set are as follows......

THE WHEELS ON THE BUS containing....1. We're going this way that way 2. Going to the zoo 3. She'll be coming round the mountain 4. The grand old Duke of York 5. Row, row, row your boat 6. One man went to mow 7. Here we go round the mulberry bush 8. I went to visit a farm one day 9. Five little men in a flying saucer 10. The runaway train 11. Bananas in pyjamas 12. The wheels on the bus 13. Morningtown ride 14. Amarillo 15. Donkey riding 16. Horsey horsey don't you stop 17. Walking in the air 18. The seaside 19. Mrs Macaroni 20. Chitty chitty bang bang 21. You can't keep a horse in a lighthouse 22. Down in the jungle 23. When the red red robin 24. The animal fair 25. Old Macdonald had a farm 26. My ship sailed from China 27. Winnie the Pooh 28. Underground overground Wombling free.

NEVER SMILE AT A CROCODILE - containing...1. Wiggly Woo 2. Chick chick Chicken 3. The bare necessities 4. Little green frog 5. Puff the magic dragon 6. Five little ducks went swimming one day 7. Hickory dickory dock 8. Never smile at a crocodile 9. Cowkeeper's song 10. Yellow bird 11. Inchworm 12. Peter Perkins 13. Brown bear's snoring 14. The animals went in two by two 15. The bear went over the mountain 16. I saw a tiger 17. Prehistoric animal brigade 18. Five little monkeys 19. Honey bee song 20. Tiger, tiger 21. Farmer in the fog 22. Swim swan swim 23. The wonderful thing about Tiggers 24. Nellie the elephant 25. Farmyard cabaret 26. Cuckoo, cuckoo 27. One elephant went out to play 28. To market to market 29. There was an old lady 30. Spider in the bath

TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR containing...1. Me and my teddy bear 2. Noddy 3. Sandy girl 4. Ring a ring of roses 5. Wind the bobbin up 6. Twinkle twinkle little star 7. Humpty dumpty 8. Hop little bunnies 9. Little Sally Saucer 10. Bobby Shafto 11. Mister Sandman 12. Polly put the kettle on 13. A ran sam sam 14. Pat a cake baker's man 15. Hey diddle diddle 16. You are my sunshine 17. Halfway up the stairs 18. Sing a song of sixpence 19. Round and round the garden 20. Cock a doodle doo 21. Pop goes the weasel 22. Star Light star bright 23. A dream is a wish your heart makes 24. The North wind doth blow 25. Hot cross buns 26. I hear thunder 27. Once upon a dream 28. Let him go, let him tarry 29. Sing a rainbow 30. Jimmy CrackCorn

DINGLE DANGLE SCARECROW containing....1. Consider yourself 2. Dingle dangle scarecrow 3. Roly poly 4. Ten fat sausages 5. I am the music man 6. Miss Polly had a dolly 7. If you're happy and you know it 8. This old man 9. One finger one thumb keep moving 10. The wise man built his house upon a rock 11. ABC song 12. Looby lou 13. Hokey cokey 14. Do your ears hang low? 15. Bob the builder mambo no 5 16. Head, shoulders knees and toes 17. Calypso 18. Zippedy doo dah 19. The rain song 20. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside 21. Raindrops keep falling on my head 22. Knees up Mother Brown 23. Supercalifragilistic 24. What shall we do with the drunken sailor 25. Spring Carol 26. Ob la di ob la da

FAVOURITE TALES containing...1. The duck the mouse and the little red hen 2. The hopping penny 3. The three wishes 4. Snow White 5. Puss in boots 6. Johnny and the three goats 7. The Emperor and the nightingale 8. The wolf and the seven little kids 9. The great big turnip 10. The little red hen

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