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Come & Play - Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Stories (in kidzcase)

Come & Play - Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Stories (in kidzcase)

Ref: CRCD1101-8KC

A full 1 hour 10 minute full colour CD of favourite music and fairy tales for young children packaged in a durable purple kidz case with built in handle - ideal for little hands!

The carry case is made from non-toxic, fully recyclable food grade plastic with no sharp edges - totally child friendly.


Twenty five favourite nursery rhymes. 1. Bobby Shafto 2. Three blind mice 3. Sing a song of sixpence 4. London Bridge is falling down 5. Jack & Jill 6. One, two buckle my shoe 7. Oh dear what can the matter be 8. Cobbler cobbler mend my shoe 9. Humpty Dumpty 10. The north wind doth blow 11. Pussy cat, pussy cat 12. Hey diddle diddle 13. Ride a cock horse 14. Baa baa black sheep 15. A frog he would a wooing go 16. The grand old Duke of York 17. Yankee Doodle 18. Diddle diddle dumpling 19. Georgie Porgie pudding & pie 20. Hickory dickory dock 21. There was a crooked man 22. Old Mother Hubbard 23. Dance to your daddy 24. Ding dong bell 25. Pop goes the weasel

Five favourite traditional fairy stories. 26. The little red hen 27. Three little pigs 28. Sleeping Beauty 29. The hare and the tortoise 30. The gingerbread man

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