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CD+ PLUS - If you're happy and you know it

CD+ PLUS - If you're happy and you know it

Ref: CRCD0902-2

ISBN: 978 1 84711 083 1

MORE than just a music CD! This fantastic CD contains not only all your favourite songs but a massive 50 printable A4 sheets including all the illustrated lyrics with a guide to all the dance actions, plus fun and educational activity sheets + row row row your boat animated song!

1. Jelly on a plate 2. One man went to mow 3. Down in the jungle where nobody goes 4. If you're happy and you know it 5. Clap your hands 6. Row row row your boat 7. Here we go round the mulberry bush 8. A sailor went to sea sea sea 9. There's a little sandy girl 10. Five little monkeys 11. I jump out of bed in the morning 12. John Brown's baby 13. Johnny taps with one hammer 14. My hat it has three corners 15. The music man 16. Bobbing up and down like this 17. Heads shoulders knees and toes 18. The animal fair 19. Looby loo 20. One finger one thumb keep moving 21. Little Mousie Brown 22. let everyone clap hands like me 23. Did you ever see a lassie? 24. Five currant buns in a baker's shop 25. Mummy's taking us in the car car

+ 50 Printable Pages

+ Row row row your boat Animated Song

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