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Add One, Take One Cassette

Add One, Take One Cassette

Ref: CR9102X

ISBN 1-871412-21-8


An excellent way for a child to begin toexplore adding and taking away. Each section starts very simply, adding and subtracting in one's. However, by the end of the cassette the child should be able to add and take away any combination of numbers from 1-20.

Side 1: 1.One Man went to Mow 2.One Fish swimming in the Sea 3.In my Counting Book 4.Here comes the Bus (part 1) 5.Ten Smart Soldiers 6.On our Sailing Ship 7.One little Pixie 8.Three little Birds in the Garden 9.The Dancing Monsters 10.Here comes the Bus (part 2)

Side 2: 1.Ten Green Bottles 2.There were Ten in the Bed 3.The Farmer's Apple Tree 4.Ten Fat Sausages 5.Two little Schoolboys 6.The happy Green Crocodile 7.My Piggy Bank 8.Money in my Pocket 9.Farmer John 10.The Postman.

Age range from 5 years

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